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Independent souls sharing ideas on workflow optimization, document solution, programming, print and sometimes other things with you.


Sharing our people with you. We want to invite you to our world, into the heads of our people, and benefit from what we do.

Objectif Lune was founded by some techies who wanted to share a cool idea they wanted to make into something useful, in the same spirit, with this blog we want to express cool ideas closely related to our industry into something meaningful and useful for anybody that wants to listen.

Our industry including document workflows, print, variable data printing (VDP), document composition, business process automation and optimization, and programming admittedly isn’t the sexiest of all companies but can help to remove bottlenecks, optimize productivity, increase cash in hand, improve business processes, and all that good stuff.

Talk to us, ask questions, and feel free to drop us a line: (514) 875-5863.

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