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Floris Dansen has been involved in several technical and commercial activities related to training and support within the Objectif Lune group since 2006. He enjoys embracing problems as they offer him numerous opportunities to think of new ways and new solutions. His current role of Product Line Manager allows him to be challenged with a diversity of matters, just the way he likes it.

In his personal life, this longing for diversity has turned him into a jack of all trades. You may find him skiing, playing the drums, juggling or trying out his new idea of the day. A fascination with technology was triggered when the first computer became available at his home, when Floris was eight, and was dismantled entirely within two weeks of arrival. With proper stimulants from parents, he learned quickly to turn to more constructive hobbies, like putting the computer back together. This life-changing event is the reason he is in this industry today. 

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