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Augmented Reality | Combining reality with virtual reality

Advanced Function Presentation | (AFP) document format primarily used in large enterprises for production variable data printing (VDP)

Business Logic | Conditions or rules placed on different elements within a print job to result in variable printing

Correspondence Management | Process of taking charge of correspondence from creation to delivery

Cross-Media Marketing | Is a method of communication that utilizes a combination of medias (print, digital, telecommunications) to increase consumer interactivity

Digital Pen | A pen that captures a user’s handwriting and digitalizes it

Document Lifecycle | From document creation to re-capturing of data

Document Re-Engineering | Methods used to change documents after they have been created

Duplex | Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper

High Volume Transactional Output | (HVTO) Printing of transactional documents in high volumes and speeds

Hybrid Mail | involves digital data being transformed into physical letter items at distributed print centers located as close as possible to the final delivery addresses, see Supercharge Your Mailroom entry

Impositioning | Printing the same content on a sheet of paper multiple times, n times (n-up) to optimize the use of the printed surface

Metadata | Is structured data which describes the characteristics of a resource and are placed in different file formats. Metadata provides the essential link between the information creator and the information user

Multi-Channel Marketing | Same communication that can be found on multiple channels – web, print, telecommunications

N-Up | see impositioning

OMR | Optical Mark Recognition

On-Demand | Happens when requested, no inventory is stored

PDF/VT | PDF optimized for VDP and transactional printing.

Portable Document Format | (PDF) – document format for graphically rich content that is easily accessible and trusted, see The Future of PDF entry

PostScript | (PS)  is a programming language optimized for printing graphics and text. PostScript is the standard for desktop publishing because it is supported by imagesetters, the very high-resolution printers used by service bureaus to produce camera-ready copy.

Production Automation | Administration and optimization of automated processes for formatting, post-processing and delivery of correspondence via any media

Promotional Documents | Marketing material used for promotions

PURL | Personalized URL (Uniform Resource Locator) are unique to each user; Content within the PURL can be customized to users’ preferences

QR Codes | Quick Response barcodes are meant to be used with smartphones. A scanning application is required on the smartphone to scan the barcode that leads the user to a call-to-action. The call to action may be coupons, sweepstakes, saving a contact, obtaining more information amongst many others.

Simplex | Printing only on one side of a sheet of paper

Transpromo | Utilizing space on transactional documents to insert personalized messaging on available space.

Transactional documents | documents used for transactions i.e. invoices, bill statements, etc.

Variable Data Printing | VDP is a form of printing where different elements such as graphics and text change from one piece to the next. Using VDP increases response rates and reduces response times.

Workflow Automation | Is where events automatically trigger business processes, see Improving Workflows entry

WYSIWYG | What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWIP | What You See Is What Is Printed

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